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Values & Standards


Does your business aspire to work with a reliable, ethical partner?

Then work with us...

Our clients worldwide tell us that our reputation for quality service, ethical business practice and green credentials helps them satisfy their corporate social responsibility objectives.

Why not work with us and feel good about who you do business with?

Our green initiatives

In walking our talk towards being a GREEN organization, in August 2017, Aident Corporation ( Adampak’s subsidiary in Penang, Malaysia ) became the 1st label printer in South-East Asia to install solar panels on its rooftop in self-generating electricty for its self-consumption via solar energy . This has eliminated 209 tonnes of CO2 emission yearly which is equivalent to 1045 trees being planted or 1085 cars taken off the road.

P/S Aident Penang has since step up further and installed Phase 2.0 of its Solar Panels since November 2018 and has now eliminated 414 tonnes of CO2 emission yearly which is equivalent to 2070 trees being planted or 2150 cars taken off the road.

Our code of conduct

We base our code of conduct on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). We seek to actively adhere to this code and also encourage our suppliers to voluntarily adopt the RBA.

What is the RBA?

This code establishes standards to ensure that:

  • Working conditions in the electronics industry supply chain are safe
  • Workers are treated with respect and dignity
  • Business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically

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