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Security & Tamper Evident Solutions


Protect the authenticity of your brand and products

We know that security of products and components is a crucial issue for many industries. We offer a range of labels and several different options for materials and adhesives that are just right to ensure security concerns.

To minimise tampering and enhance security, we can provide a variety of features on labels such as:

  • Optical watermarks to ensure authenticity
  • Tamper-evident void/ checkered labels and seals to clearly identify if security has been compromised on products

Optical watermarks can protect your brand and prevent forgery

In conjunction with TrustCopy, we can offer you sound security solutions to protect your products and brands such as optical watermarks embedded on labels. These ensure against tampering or forgery as they can:

  • Incorporate numbers (individual or in running order), characters, images
  • Be encoded with up to 20 layers of hidden watermarks.
  • Be provided with unique lens keys, customised for your use, so you can have different levels of access to information to authenticate your products.

Find out more about TrustCopy.

Security solutions  
Security and tamper evident labels

Choose from a comprehensive range of label types:

High-performance adhesive paper labels: suited for sealing cartons, packaging of pharmaceutical products, ICs and components, or serialized labels for assets identification.

Destructible vinyl and ‘VOID’ polyester labels: for labels showing warranty, covering a screw hole or to prevent your product form being opened in an unauthorised way.

Ask us how we can help you address your security concerns, with the right labels and unique features.

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